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Our SAP security and compliance experts have an outstanding level of proficiency when it comes to safeguarding your ERP and S/4HANA landscapes in real time. They know how to protect you against every kind of incursion, including hacks, espionage, manipulation, rights violations, and data theft.

What makes us truly unique, however, is how we combine our very own SAST software with a series of best practices. To see just how much expertise we've exhibited over the years, check out the successful projects we've carried out in Germany and around the world.


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Security and compliance audits

To assess the risk exposure of your SAP landscape, we identify all the potential attack vectors - from your infrastructure and the settings and parameters of your SAP systems and components to authorizations and potential SoD issues. We can also factor in any custom developments you use, including those based on ABAP or Java.

If your company's migration to SAP HANA is right around the corner, our security audits offer an ideal solution for safeguarding your systems and ensuring all the necessary security settings before you start your transition.

Learn more about our SAP security and compliance audits.

Penetration tests

Whether it's external hacking attempts or manipulation from within, our experts can force their way into your SAP systems to simulate various attacks and test the limits of their defenses. This is one of the ways we identify the last remaining technical and system-internal vulnerabilities and entry points.

Learn more about the penetration testing we provide.


System hardening and optimization

To improve your SAP security, we can provide you with a detailed list of measures you should take. Ideally, these will build on the recommendations we make following a corresponding audit. If you wish, we can also aid you in eliminating all the vulnerabilities we find and advise you on securing your systems for the long term.

RFC interface analysis

SAP's standard software doesn't include a comprehensive, centralized means of analyzing the RFC interfaces in your systems. As a result, companies often fail to secure these interfaces properly, but still grant their technical users far-reaching privileges. They also forget to document the trust relationships between their systems, even as remote database connections offer unmonitored and insecure access to sensitive information. At AKQUINET, we know how to find these holes and close them for good.

Learn more about the interface analysis we provide.

Source code analysis

For a reliable way to address vulnerabilities, bring in our experts to help you check through your third-party add-ons and the software you've developed in-house. We'll use SAP's standard quality-assurance tools and the supplementary checking rules in SAST SUITE to scan your source code for security flaws and other potential risks.

When we're finished, we'll provide you with a report that clearly prioritizes the weaknesses we've found and offers specific recommendations on correcting them. If you like, we can also show you ways to improve the quality of the software you develop now and in the future.

Learn more about the source code analysis we provide.

SAP security guidelines

Our security concepts include guidelines for all the security-related aspects of your SAP systems. In addition to being based on the recommendations of SAP, DSAG, and BSI, they are mandatory for both the operational level and all the internal and external parties involved.


Conception, optimization and implementation

We can help you start over from scratch in authorization management or redesign your established concepts for optimal clarity - prior to your migration to S/4HANA, for example.

Our project models allow for a high degree of flexibility, which makes it possible to align them with your particular requirements. In all of our authorization projects, we use our proven SAST SUITE and fine-tuned automation methods to reduce the time required by up to 70%. Your project budget will thank us!

Meanwhile, is your next audit right around the corner? Once we show you our priority-one findings, you'll be able to relax as the big day approaches.

Learn more about our project methodology and our Safe Go-Live approach.


Software rollouts

If you're thinking about implementing GRC software at your company, feel free to put us to the test. You can take SAST SUITE on a test drive to gain some initial experience, or conduct a more extensive analysis of our software in a proof-of-concept format. Once you've seen what SAST can do, we'll be happy to help you install it at your company.

Workshops and training courses

When it comes to GRC software, every target group has its own particular demands and requirements. That's why we offer workshops and training courses that are tailored to your needs - whether it's a GRC risk workshop on developing a specific authorization rule set for your company, SAST training that will show your internal auditors how to implement periodic analyses, or courses for all the users and admins who work with SAST SUITE.

AKQUINET has secured over 80 SAP system landscape around the world with real-time monitoring

Linde Group
Linde Group

"The experience AKQUINET's consultants relied on in analyzing our security events and investigating critical incidents proved to be a huge help. It was nice to have such friendly and reliable people to work with, too."

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