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Don't let violations put you on the sidelines.

Pilot studies and SAP authorization concepts.


Our pilot studies provide you with a list of the current weaknesses in your existing authorization concept. Our proprietary tool SAST SUITE is ideal for this.

We then explain what actions you should take and create a project phase plan with detailed cost estimates, all tailored to you. This level of in-depth consideration means that every authorization project is destined to be a complete success.


Authorization management that's both convenient and legally compliant.

"We've used SAST SUITE to put our authorization structures on an entirely new basis. Besides saving time and money over the long term, we no longer have to worry about our legal compliance."

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More security and transparency for evolved structures.

You'll be familiar with this scenario: The constant expansion of the number of users and authorizations means it is increasingly difficult to make the correct assignments. Over time, role content has changed, and the wide variety of transactions and authorization objects has only become more sophisticated. Often, it is no longer possible to easily keep track of it all.

As if that weren't enough, compliance guidelines are becoming more and more strict.

  • Critical authorizations
  • Segregation of Duties (SoD)
  • Traceable, system-supported authorization assignments

Our concepts give you the opportunity to try new ways of doing things and to introduce simple authorization assignments from start to finish. Not only will this help keep your administrative expenses down, but it will enable you to meet today's and tomorrow's legal requirements.

Our motto is "as much as possible with as little as possible".

At a glance

  • Pilot studies for project planning with optimal content and budgets
  • Practice-oriented approach, guides you securely through all project phases, even for international projects
  • Meet all requirements to the satisfaction of internal and external auditors
  • Comprehensive template roles - with absolutely no SoD issues
  • Consistently high quality via automatic role generation
  • Accelerated throughput time for user and role requests
  • Tool-supported analysis approach ensures authorization assignments are rooted in actual user behavior
  • SAP-certified SAST Suite, for S/4HANA, too
  • Integration of data compliance officers into the decision-making and approval processes

How our consultants can assist you

  • The extensive expertise of our consultants means that we find solutions faster
  • The modular structure of our SAST SUITE means you have the greatest possible flexibility as to which project phases you want to handle yourself
  • The automatic generation of roles saves you from deriving them manually
  • Prefab concept templates give you a leg up on documentation
  • Tried and tested template roles guarantee that your project is a success

But don't worry! Once the concept phase is complete, we won't leave you on your own. We will be more than happy to help you implement your new authorization management. And the best part? Our Safe Go-Live approach means you won't see any disruptions in your everyday business.

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