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SAP Safe Go Live Management title

Don't let critical situations put you on the sidelines.

The Safe Go-Live Approach for your Authorization Projects.


Trouble-free Migration of your SAP Authorizations.

One of the biggest challenges that companies faces when migrating or redesigning their SAP authorizations is ensuring the continuity of their normal business operations. As a result, IT units are often wary of curtailing user rights - so as to avoid conflicts with business departments that would result from increased testing workloads or more frequent error messages. With SAST Safe Go-Live Approach, these problems are now a thing of the past.

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Sustainable Reduction of Authorization Risks.

"With the help of the SAP experts from AKQUINET and the Safe Go-Live approach, around 50% of the users that were created could be identified as inactive and easily deactivated. At the same time, the authorization project reduced the risks by up to 70% and thereby significantly improved security."

No Concerns about Interruptions to your day-to-day Business.

Avoiding the trouble of setting up proper authorization management almost always leads to authorizations "piling up" - and this necessarily leads to an elevated level of authorization risk.

With the help of the Safe Go-Live Management module in the SAST SUITE our authorization consultants prevent any disruptions to your normal business operations during an authorization redesign. Because in the event of an unforeseen error situation, our self-service feature gives your end users the capacity to quickly and independently extend their authorizations - but only as far as the status quo before the migration. This enables them to continue working within seconds.

This workflow naturally offers full auditability and also takes your compliance policies into account. In the event of a fallback situation of this kind, your SAP admins are informed automatically by email. Errors can be analyzed and resolved within a matter of minutes - removing the need of time-consuming communication with the end user.

Benefits for you

  • High acceptance on the end-user side
  • Projects tailored to your individual requirements
  • Rollout of precise authorizations with matching roles at the press of a button
  • Significantly shorter projects involving a new conceptual model or redesign
  • Considerable reduction in the organizational workload
  • Lower project costs
  • Smooth authorization migration with zero impact on your day-to-day business

At a glance

  • Automatic creation of transactions
  • Substained role creation for quality improvement
  • Role creation based and bug fixes on trace database
  • Automatic test user creation
  • Test phase can be completely skipped
  • No restrictions for your day-to-day business
  • No additional SAP licence costs for due to fallback user function

From our practical experience, we know just how quickly critical incidents can be brought about by your own members of staff - whether through ignorance or intentionally. In cooperation with us you will find the perfect Security & Compliance project method with regard to quality, duration and budget also for your company.

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