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Whatever the threat, we're your best line of defense.

SAST Solutions: GRC Software, Consulting and Managed Services.


Are you keeping an eye out for cyberattacks?

Two-thirds of all German companies have already fallen victim to hacking incursions, data theft, or industrial espionage. The increasing complexity of system landscapes and the often limited security experience of internal employees frequently lead to severe vulnerabilities. Here, panicking or turning a blind eye won't help - but properly safeguarding your SAP systems will.

SAST Suite

Keep your guard up: one software - unlimited possibilities. Get comprehensive protection for your ERP and S/4HANA systems with our exclusive SAST Suite. Click here


We'll bring your security up to speed: take advantage of our industry-specific expertise and technical proficiency to safeguard your digital future. Click here


Your SAP is on pole position for us and you can decide to "make" or "buy" your way to SAP security and compliance. Focus on managing your business. We'll handle your security risks. Click here

Your IT security is our number one concern - in real time.

4D SAP Security & Compliance graphics

There are countless ways to carry out attacks on SAP systems, including both internally and externally. Luckily, we have just as many methods of keeping your systems safe. Protecting every aspect of your SAPlandscape with real time monitoring is something we call "4D SAST Solutions".

Wether it's through the GRC software we've developed ourselves, our experts in SAP security and compliance, or a managed service solution, you can count on us to have you covered from every angle.

Companies who's decided to play it safe with us.

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